Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting us, as you may find the answer to your question there.

Where are you located? What is your mailing address?
2025 E. 25th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90058

Do you make custom cases?
Yes, please email info@ggqualitycase.com for pricing and minimum orders. I am looking to get a custom fitted case made for my custom guitar, what do you need in order to do this? We need you to mail in a dummy guitar or guitar template in order for us to guarantee a fit. Please include any other details or specifics you feel are necessary.

Can I bring my guitar in to be fitted for a custom case?

Will you recondition an original case that I have?
No, we do not recondition, recover, reline, or restitch any cases.

Will you send me covering and lining for me to recondition a case on my own?

I have some material that I would like to use on a custom case, if I send it to you can you use it on my case?
No, we will not use outside materials on any case. We have found that many materials will bleed and stain the finish of your instrument. All the materials we use have been specifically sources and tested in order to avoid this.

How can I get replacement parts for my case?
Replacement parts can be ordered through our online store.

Do you ship parts internationally?
No, we do not ship parts outside of the United States, which is why you are most likely having trouble ordering parts in the store.

Can I send my case in for you to repair?
Yes, but we will do HARDWARE REPAIRS ONLY. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost both ways, unless your product was purchased directly from us and you received a product with defective hardware, in which case we will cover the cost of shipping and the repair. Please contact us at info@ggqualitycase.com before sending your case to us. 

How long do repairs take?
Once we receive your case, repairs usually take 3-5 days before we ship the case back to you.

I live near Los Angeles, can I bring my case in to be repaired?
Yes, you can bring in your case to be repaired. We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. We take a lunch from 11:40am until 12:15pm, if you come at this time please be prepared to wait. 

I am not sure if the case that I have is a G&G case, how can I tell if it is or not?
With the exception of original vintage cases, most of our cases will have the G&G Quality Case logo located on the interior storage compartment. If you do not see our logo, it is more than likely not our case. 

What is the best way for me to clean my case?
We recommend that you use only a damp cloth with some light soap to clean your case. We advise against the use of any cleaning solutions as most contain chemicals that could damage the materials used on your case.

I purchased a Fender guitar that came with one of your cases and the case is too small for the guitar, it does not fit. What do I do?
We make our cases to Fender’s specifications and they require a snug fit to minimize movement of the guitar inside the case to provide the best protection for the instrument. When placing your guitar into its case insert the headstock in first then put the body in. 

I want to order a case for my Fender guitar. Will my case come with a Fender logo?
No, any case ordered directly from us will not come with any logos aside from our own. 

Do you make cases for (insert instrument manufacturers name here)?
You can see a list of all the companies we currently make cases for under our clients page.

I am looking for a Lifton style case for my Les Paul. Do you guys make these?
We make Lifton style cases, but no longer use the original brown and pink color way. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.